Exclusive Labranda Group Hotel Offers

We have teamed up with the Labranda group of hotels to offer you exclusive rates on a number of 3,4 & 5 Star hotels around the globe. Soak up the sun in these good quality hotels in Greece, Malta, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Italy, Turkey, Morocco and Sharm el Sheikh.

In general, the Labranda hotels are beachfront properties with typical local characteristics and gastronomy as well as free wi-fi throughout the hotel. Each property will be operationally separate.

The brand will be sub-divided into seven categories: 'premium' (5-star), 'superbeach' (4-star plus), 'select' (all-inclusive), 'comfort' (3-4 stars), 'charme' (3-4 stars), 'smart & yummy' (3-star all-inclusive) and 'small & friendly'.

The name Labranda is inspired by ancient historical site in south west Turkey. The site is famous for its temple of Zeus and its history goes back to 600BC

Exclusive Labranda Hotels Offers